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If there is a business that reflects risk, it’s insurance. If you put a trampoline in your yard your home insurance rates rise. Build a swimming pool and expect to pay a bit more a year in insurance. Own a pit bull, pay more - and so on and so forth.

Insurance captures risk and protects us from it, monetarily at least.


What is an affinity group and why create one in an effort to reduce gun violence? These are good questions! Most of the time, advocates for the reduction of gun violence take on the issue via legislative strategies: they appeal to lawmakers, find advocates for good legislation and fight bad legislation. They corral as many people as possible to their cause through a variety of means to encourage the passage of new laws.


Why do so many people in the United States own guns? Ask many gun owners, and they’ll state their reason for keeping a firearm in the house simply enough: they want to be able to protect themselves and their families. Recent polls have confirmed that a majority of Americans believe that having a gun at home makes them safer.